Maintain The Warranty of Your Tankless Water Heater

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Flushing Your Tankless Water Heater Will Help Maintain Your Warranty

Most people are not aware that regular maintenance of their tankless water heateris required by the manufacturer in order to MAINTAIN THE WARRANTY of the unit. Most warranties do not protect against failure due to calcium buildup, so you need to have proof that this cause can be ruled out in case the tank fails for some other reason and you want coverage.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of homeowners do not flush their water heaters on a regular basis and some skip this very important maintenance step altogether! You do not want make the same mistake.

Hard Water Scale Buildup

Water heater flushes are an important maintenance step because Bakersfield (and most of Southern California) has “hard water”, which means that our water has a very high mineral content. When heated, these minerals precipitate out of the water and encrust themselves onto the heat exchanger of the water heater, pipes, and plumbing fixtures such as shower heads and faucets which can over time lead to inconvenient and expensive problems such as:
  • Low water pressure from shower and faucets due to clogged water lines
  • Fluctuating water temperature and cold showers
  • Poor performance and increased wear and tear of household appliances
  • Higher utility bills due to water heater consuming more energy to operate
  • Shorter lifespan of the water heater leading to costly repairs or replacement

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